How our building services can help you maintain your close water system

Whether your business operates in the service, corporate, or healthcare sector, it’s essential that your building’s closed water system management is thorough and up-to-date. Unlike an open system, which allows for the free movement of water into a public water supply when necessary, closed systems can be more prone to deterioration due to the pressure that is exerted on all parts of the structure.

What causes wear and tear in closed water systems?

A closed water system is precisely what it sounds like – the water in your building is closed off to the larger body of public water that is usually maintained by your local council. As a result, when your water heats up, there is nowhere for the expanded fluid to go. This pressure can have a negative effect on the integrity of your pipes and even cause serious leaks and structural damage in some cases.

The good news is that closed water systems are designed to withstand the forces created during these thermal changes with a series of protective valves. The idea is that when hot water creates pressure in the building, the valves release some of the water and thus reduce the strain on your system as a whole.

How can a closed water system management plan help?

While the valves in a closed water system are designed to release fluid and decrease pressure, these protective mechanisms will not function properly unless they are properly maintained and monitored. If the valve’s base material is left to deteriorate, or small mechanical failures are not caught early on, then the valve could stop working suddenly at any point, resulting in a huge build-up of hot water pressure.

With regular water maintenance from Incor Group, however, you can be sure that your system is ready for all the demands of everyday use, and thereby avoid any serious leaks and resulting water damage.

What other features require regular monitoring?

A closed water system not only operates a valve system, but also benefits from other structural elements that help to ensure a smooth-running water provision in your building without any major operational failures. For instance, when the system senses that the water is expanding due to temperature fluctuations, the extra fluid is then released into an expansion tank. This unit can hold the additional water safely and securely in order to accommodate the usage demands of your facility.

These expansion tanks must meet stringent installation requirements, as well as being regularly monitored and maintained to ensure that they are operating efficiently. With Incor Group’s water maintenance and building services, you can be sure that your water system is fully compliant.

Should the water quality be routinely checked?

In addition to focusing on the structural elements, a rigorous closed water system management plan will also focus on checking the building’s water quality. If your water is not at an acceptable standard then it can cause damage to the pipes, tanks, or valves. There’s no sense in frequently opting for a rigorous check of your hardware when the water itself is causing a rapid deterioration of the system.

With a reliable water maintenance service from Incor Group, you can ensure that your system is operating as efficiently and safely as possible. Not only will it provide your business with peace of mind, but it will also save you money on your long-term repair costs.


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