The cleanliness of an office is sometimes regarded as an afterthought because what harm can it do to let things slide a little, hey? Well, we’ve compiled some of the effects unclean surroundings can have on your employees’ work ethic and health – all of which you can improve through our cleaning service.

Keeping your employees focused

One of the keys to good quality work is providing an environment that allows employees to focus. Finding the right head space to get fully absorbed in your work is hard enough with regular distractions. However, overflowing bins, dirty desks and messy workspaces is likely to make things doubly difficult, hitting productivity where it hurts.

Having a disorganised office space can result in a lot of wasted time. For example, because you need to search for the right documents underneath all the clutter, small tasks such as storing files instantly become a lengthy ordeal. Making everyday tasks more difficult also puts needless strain on your staff, which can inadvertently add extra pressure to other, more important, tasks.

Creating a positive atmosphere

In addition to affecting the mood and productivity of all those working in the space, messy and disorganised surroundings can also alter one’s perception of a company.

Any customers or clients that visit your office and see this dysfunction in action could be put off from doing business with you. Your office should, therefore, reflect the image of professionalism and seriousness you want to convey to every visitor that walks through the door.

In terms of the staff, if their office is something they can take pride in, engagement levels increase, and a higher standard of work will often follow. Subconsciously, if an office is messy and makes staff feel uncomfortable to work there, they will be less motivated to produce their best work.

The cleanliness of an office can positively boost the productivity of your employees, their work, and your impression on clients – so hiring a cleaning service such as ourselves can have far-reaching business benefits beyond those seen at the surface level.

Improving your health

Serving as a potentially serious health hazard, a cluttered office can put your employees and any visitors at risk. By using our cleaning service not only will you make the space more inviting and productive, but also reduce the likelihood of employees getting sick.

Besides harbouring many allergens that could affect any one of your staff daily, a build-up of dust on electrical machinery such as printers poses a fire hazard. For this reason, regular cleaning will help you meet the required recommended health and safety standards and related regulations.


All in all, our cleaning services can offer your office a multitude of benefits in terms of employee productivity and securing new work. To learn more about how our commercial cleaning services can help your business get ahead, sign up for updates below or contact our team today.