Whilst it’s often not considered an important part of the office dynamic, a clean area to work in is an integral part of running a smooth business with happy employees, as we discussed in a recent blog post. Inspired by this, we felt compelled to share the main reasons why you should consider a trusted cleaning service as essential to any business.

Reducing management issues

As an alternative to a professional cleaning service, many companies either split the cleaning between staff members or hire their own in-house cleaning team. Some may see this as an effective saving option, but in fact, this may be costing you more in time and effort than choosing a trusted, professional service.

By splitting jobs between employees, not only do you affect the productivity of your staff by adding another responsibility to their role, but you also run the risks of creating tensions in the workplace. Staff will become aware of actions that will directly lead to them having to spend more of their working day cleaning – even small things such as leaving cups out can cause friction. Plus, there will be many management issues to iron out if people are sick or away, as you would have to shift jobs around evenly and find a replacement to make sure things remain fair.

Setting up an in-house team would again pose a possibly time-consuming and awkward task to manage. You would not only have to work out salary but also parental leave and holiday for everyone individually. All these factors that can eventually add up to cost more than hiring a trusted quality service.

Ensuring a job well done

As a commercial cleaning company, we offer a standard of high-quality cleaning that will be hard to achieve through in-house cleaning or by using staff – as this is what we do. By being able to focus purely on your office’s cleaning needs, we are confident that we can meet all your standards.

A quality cleaning service such as ours is important for any business, as not only does it benefit your employees and their performance, but also any customers or clients that visit your office.

Presentation and first impressions can be everything in business. If your workplace looks disorganised and cluttered it can affect the relationship with your clients and their trust in your services. As a result, the way you present your business could appear to them as though no one takes pride in their work.

Happy employees for a happy workplace

Working over eight hours in the same place every day often leads to staff thinking of their workplace as a second home. However, for those working in a messy or cluttered environment, this can cause trouble, leading to dissociation and feelings of discomfort in their workplace. This can negatively affect their productivity and work quality, as they take less pride in their work and their role in the business.

Staff are also more likely to speak negatively of the company to others if they feel disconnected from their job and are uncomfortable in the workplace. This can be dangerous for your business as employee advocacy has an increasingly important role in the reputation of a company and can sometimes lead to an exchange of services.

A trusted cleaning service can improve work quality and engagement of your employees at the same time as potentially benefiting business relationships you have with clients. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to receive more news on our cleaning services below or contact our team today at to arrange a consultation.